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Sunday, July 1, 2012

Cruise Ship Galley Tour @Super Star Cruise Virgo

What is Galley? A Galley is the nautical term for a kitchen which is the center/head of a food service operation.This contains a brigade of chefs who use this area as a tool to prepare,cook and present food fit for consumption under guidelines of the establishment policies and procedures.
Last summer, after my Malaysia and Thailand Shore Excursions ,I had a chance to be a part of the Executive Galley Tour  inside the Asia's Biggest Cruise Ship,Star Cruise Virgo.Wow,the kitchen is huge! Inside the kitchen of  Star Cruise Virgo are The Executive Chef, Executive Sous Chef,Sous Chef,Chef de Partie, Pastry Chef,Chief Baker,Chief Butcher,Chief Steward and Provision Master.
Super Star Cruise Virgo is manage by Executive  Chef  Reinhard  Mammes from  Germany!
Super Star Cruise Virgo Weekly Galley Food Consumption for Guest and Crew are:

Sugar -     2,500 kg
 Coffee,Powder & Beans - 300 kg
 Eggs     -      40,000 pcs
 Cucumber - 400 kg
 Potatoes  -   4,000 kg
 Rice           - 4,000 kg
 Beef          -  3,000 kg
Pork          - 2,000 kg
Chicken      -8,000 kg
Lamb          -200 kg
Fish            - 2,800 kg

Scallops & Squid - 3,000 kg
Baked Beans   - 400 kg
Watermelon    - 4,500 kg
Honeydew     -  2,000 kg
Papaya       -    600 kg
Oranges      -   3,000 kg
Pineapple    -   2,000 kg
 Beer          -    400 cartoons
Milk           -     2,700 L
Heavy Cream - 700 L
Yoghurt          - 1,500 kg

If you want to experience this exclusive galley tour in Asia's biggest cruise ship,you should prepare 15 $  for this 45 minutes tour.Ask the cruise staff regarding the schedule of different activities.Most of all,grab a copy of  Cruise Navigator!All the activities ,its time and venue are stated in the NAVIGATOR!

Happy Cruising!Join me in my next cruise this 2013!

Thanks to South Gateway Travel and Tours,General Santos City Philippines! For bookings of your  trip all over ASIA and Philippines,please send us email @!

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